Hi book lovers.

I will be sharing reviews of books I’ve been reading, with book-related posts thrown in for added excitement.

I don’t consider myself especially well-read though, which probably sounds ridiculous to those who know I teach English, studied literature at university and have never been without a book since I cracked the whole reading to myself thing before I even started school.


September 2018

I brought this home today.  Don’t come looking for me for a while.

At last, a voice we can trust.

August 2018


The Short Story Dispenser

One of the highlights of visiting family, with family, in the US this August was discovering the free short story dispensers in a busy shopping facility.



The Short Story Dispenser
Short Story Dispenser, Prudential Building, Boston, MA

The idea thrilled me to bits and the grandchildren were delighted to choose from 1, 3 and 5-minute reads, press the corresponding button and watch the story emerge on a ’till roll’.



Apparently, the idea was developed by a French company who abandoned the digital format as paper provides fewer distractions for the reader – no kidding.

What a super initiative this is.  If only there’d been dispenser at the airport.



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